Thursday, December 9, 2010

knits- not for the faint of heart

Well, not for a beginner level sewer such as myself. I managed to get the green version of the dress cut out today and even though I opted to leave off the pockets and the fabric sash, it still took the better part of my day because I was trying to be oh so careful to not screw it up and make sure I did everything just right. Now, I'm 100% positive that I did NOT do everything just right, but isn't that what the beauty of knit fabrics is supposed to be? That you can fudge a little on the fit cause of the stretchy nature of the fabric? And whooo boy, does this fabric stretch! Not only is it a knit, but it's got 5% spandex in there, too.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get the markings all transferred. My husband's work is having some sort of holiday party tomorrow at 5pm and I need to set my hair and what not for that, so I'm not anticipating having too much time to start really sewing until Saturday or Sunday.

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