Thursday, February 17, 2011

my very first youtube tutorial!

I've never made a youtube tutorial before, and it honestly isn't something I plan on making a regular thing, but I discovered this quick and easy 40's 'do and was just so impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of it that I HAD to share it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I Wore Today

Just a quick snap I took this evening of my outfit for the day. I'm 25 weeks pregnant now, but this outfit could easily translate to someone not eating for two. I wore this all day long to make a quick run to the store and then to tackle the absolute filth that had taken over my bathroom. (I did end up taking off my cardigan while cleaning because it got a little warm.) Over all though, it's a very mom-friendly outfit since everything can be thrown in the washing machine and my hair was out of my face. Further proof that just because it's not the 50's anymore, it doesn't mean that you can get things done and look good doing them!

The leopard print rose was my blossom of the month this month from Belle Blossoms. It's not something I'd normally pick since I tend to choose more natural looking flowers, but it's so fun! Sometimes you just need something that packs a bit more punch, you know? My snood is also from Belle Blossoms. I'm totally stoked that she's carrying snoods now, since around the house I'm constantly bending over to pick things up or change a diaper and having my hair in my face drives me crazy, but I don't want to rock a pony tail all the time either. Today it was quite windy out for North Carolina, but typical of Oklahoma weather and the snood was great for looking cute without my hair flying all over the place. I have a feeling snoods and I are going to become fast friends when we move back to Oklahoma at the end of the year.

snood and leopard rose- Belle Blossoms
glasses- Vintageous
cardigan and maternity jeans- Kohl's
tank top- Target