Monday, November 7, 2011

Times they are a-changin'

There's so much going on right now and it's all really overwhelming. Lots of life changes. Hickory was diagnosed failure to thrive and even had to be hospitalized for a few days. It was kind of scary, but it's only been a couple weeks and he is already like a new person. SOOOOO much happier. I was sad about breastfeeding coming to such an abrupt end, especially with him being my last baby, but we felt like it was the best decision for our circumstances. (Just an aside, the hospital staff, from the nurses and peds, to the nutritionist, and everyone in between was completely supportive of me continuing to nurse if that was what I wanted and were bending over backward to help me, but there were other issues that I won't go into that led us to start formula feeing and the lactation consultant was very understanding.) His next weight check is tomorrow morning and hopefully I'll get some information on getting him into physical therapy as well.

We're also moving back to Oklahoma City next weekend. Almost a full month earlier that I expected to be going. My husband will still have to stay here, but the kids and I are going back next weekend and staying at my mom's house while I scout out apartments and such. Any move is stressful, but this isn't just a move. It's leaving the only way of life we've really known as adults. And on top of that, I'm stressed about the baby! Some other things are happening too and it's just so much to try and process all at once. Everything is headed in a positive direction to be sure, but it's a lot of major life changes all at once. Lots of chapters ending and new ones beginning.