Friday, December 9, 2011

In limbo, in location and in style

Well folks, for the past 3 weeks round about fantastic four and I have been staying at my parents' house in Oklahoma City waiting for my husband to sign out of the army and join us here so we can find an apartment AND.....TODAY IS THE DAY!!! After 7 years and 11 months he is signing out to begin his terminal leave from the army TODAY and then jumping in his car and heading to Oklahoma City! It's so exciting to be starting over from scratch. He has an interview Monday morning and I have a pretty good feeling about it. I miss his so much and I can't wait for him to join us here.

I was hoping we could just buy a house straight away, but I think we'll be getting a short lease on an apartment until we can secure him a job and get better sense of what our new income is going to look like, as well as pay off some bills and what not to get our credit score up. Buying a home is such a huge investment and after moving every 12 months for the last several years we want to get the best deal possible on a home because at this point we plan on being there forever. lol.

In the moving process I cleaned out my closet and I realized that I have virtually nothing in my wardrobe that isn't ill-fitting, worn out, or just plain not my style. It's quite sad. Right now moving and Christmas are a higher priority than buying things for myself, but I am itching to get some new digs and there is quite a bit out there that I like at the moment at and

I'm totally in love with the print and shape of this dress from Heartbreaker. The print is just so fun and retro and the high neckline and a-line shape of the skirt make it super practical for a mom of many like myself.

I actually really do love full circle skirts, but Oklahoma is a pretty windy place and circle skirts tend to catch the wind like nobodies business. There's nothing like having a Marilyn-moment when your hands are already occupied by pushing a stroller or trying to hold on to little ones' hands. However, I have been a bit obsessed with this green Bettie Page skirt at ModCloth.

What I am really on the look out for, however, is a cozy jacket. Once upon a time, my husband and I were out with a whole entire weekend without the kids and were out walking around Bricktown waiting for our dinner reservation and it got quite a bit chillier than we were expecting. The only place around with clothing or jackets of any sort was a Bass Pro store, so we darted in there and I picked up a red fleece jacket. I love that it's warmer than my typical cardigans, but wish it wasn't, what can I say? It's a bright red fleece jacket! I wish I could find something that was just as warm and comfy, but more stylish. I'm afraid a structured jacket is just not going to have the comfy factor, but that a cardigan won't be as warm. If you all know of anything that you think would fit the bill without breaking the bank, let me know!