Thursday, March 17, 2011

FO: Vogue 1027

At last!!!! I am finally (mostly) finished with Vogue 1027, the DKNY knit dress. It took me so long just to get started on it because I was so overwhelming intimidated by sewing a knit, and on my run of the mill starter sewing machine at that. However, once I got going I discovered that it wasn't really that difficult at all! In fact it was rather easy and enjoyable! I finished it up just in time to wear for St. Patrick's Day since I didn't have anything else in my currently wearable wardrobe that was green.


(Excuse the blurriness and the odd camera angle. We were having technical difficulties.) The pattern calls for pockets in the side seams as well as the tie to be sewn on with the bow in front, but I prefer the bow in back if I wear the tie at all. I'd rather just get a cinch belt, but didn't have time to find a white one. I used a rayon/spandex knit and it's so light weight and comfortable that I hardly want to take it off because it feels like I'm wearing a night gown. The deep v-neck and stretchy fabric will also accommodate nursing after I give birth. Hooray for nursing friendly dresses!!

I'm at 29 weeks now; just 11 more to go. I have a feeling it will go by rather quickly.

cami- Express
dress- Vogue 1027
shoes- Clark's


  1. You look fantastic! I love that dress. I really hope the time goes by quickly, I can't wait to start getting back into my regular wardrobe!

  2. Very beautiful! (you & the dress)

  3. Wow, I adore all of your hairstyles! You make pregnancy look good :)